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Come to the studio and get your caricature done in 15 minutes, have a chat, and share a cup of tea!

Surprise your family, friends or colleagues with the perfect gift!

Fun, original, personalised, and hand made with love!

Looking for something classy, fun and original for your party? Invite me! 


Have the passion, take the action, and magic will happen...

"...No, I am not laughing at you, I am laughing WITH you!"

I always need to clarify. I am always smiling when I am drawing. Not because I am laughing at my clients, just because I am happy. I love my job. 

I love helping you finding the perfect gift for Father's Day, your friend's birthday, Christmas, your employee's or colleague's retirement party, etc.. And I love making the party even more memorable for you and your guests..

I started this wonderful adventure 10 years ago and I am still learning so much, thanks to you and for you. Thank YOU. 

    Hi Marion,

Just wanted to let you know that the kids loved their caricatures. 

I got them to open them at the same time

– and they were both surprised and delighted. 

You captured them perfectly.

Many thanks again.


Caricatures from a photo.

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